Louisiana Country

Bret Hardisty's Woodwork is Rough Around the Edges

All three floors of the Lake Charles Civic Center are rocking as the annual Culture Fest kicks into high gear on a recent Saturday afternoon.

There are people representing many countries from across the globe strolling around in colorful, splashy native garb. There are flowing robes and gowns, flashy jewelry, lavish headdresses, long sashes, big metal bracelets and elaborate makeup.

Louisiana Country features local theater

Impromptu Players take the stage for fun and education

Though she rarely appears on stage, Anna Wiggins is clearly the star of the Impromptu Players Community Theater in DeRidder.The diminutive 75-year-old dynamo is constantly on the go, managing the theatrical company and operating the Wooten Theatre facility on East First Street - all while tending to her Curious Cargo gift shop just a few blocks away.