Teamwork Leads to BECi Claiming Statewide Safety

Teamwork Leads to BECi Claiming Statewide Safety

BECi recently received recognition for having the most outstanding safety program among the state’s electric cooperatives. Co-op employees have worked over 752,000 man-hours without a loss-time accident. The Statewide Safety Trophy was presented by the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives (ALEC) at the organization’s annual meeting held in Baton Rouge in July. It was the sixth time in 10 years BECi has received the coveted award.

 “Safety is a team effort”, said BECi General Manager Kevin Turner. “I may be the one accepting the award, but the real credit goes to our employees who make safety the cornerstone of everything they do. Having a culture of safety begins with our board and co-op management, but it’s our employees who make all of this possible.”

Turner said the locally owned cooperative places a premium on safety not only as an effort to protect the health and well-being of employees, members and the public, but also because it simply makes good economic sense.

“The safety of our employees is first priority,” he said. “We want each of our employees to be able to drive out of the parking lot and return home to their families but working safely has additional benefits for our members because it keeps cost down when it comes to insurance rates and equipment maintenance.”

 Recognition for exceptional safety performance is determined by using a comprehensive formula that accounts for safe operation on the job including fieldwork, warehouse work, transportation and all other aspects necessary to deliver reliable, affordable power to BECi members.

“When we think if all of the hazards a line worker faces during a day of work – high voltage lines suspended in the air, heavy equipment, inclement weather conditions, traffic control and distracted drivers – this award is a true testament to the value our employees put on safety,” Turner said. “It’s really incredible when you think about it. This award is for all of our employees.”

Mike Bergeaux, Director of Safety and Loss Control at ALEC presented the award to the cooperative. “I want to applaud the cooperative, the board and all of the employees for a job well done,” Bergeaux said. “While many cooperatives have good intentions with their safety programs and do very well, it’s extremely difficult in this line of work to maintain and sustain this kind of safety performance over time. Great job.”

The safety trophy is on display at BECi’s main office in DeRidder, Louisiana.

BECi is the distribution cooperative that serves the electric needs of more than 43,000 residential, commercial and industrial members in a 7-parish area of southwest and central Louisiana.


Tagline: BECi claims another Statewide Safety Trophy at a recent banquet hosted by the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives (ALEC) in Baton Rouge. Shown left to right, are BECi Safety Coordinator Eddie Hanks, BECi Board Member J.R. Hickman, ALEC Director of Safety and Loss Control Mike Bergeaux, BECi Board Member Teddy Welch, BECi General Manager Kevin Turner, BECi Board Member Donald Bush, BECi Vice President of Operations and Construction Service Scott Deshotel, BECi Vice President of Marketing and Member Services Kay Fox, ALEC Safety Training Coordinator Aarron Graham and ALEC Chief Executive Officer Jeff Arnold.

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