Report Outage

Report Outage

To report an outage, call 1-800-367-0275.

Press "1", then use your account number or phone number associated with your account to report your outage. If there is an updated restoration time or outage cause, you will be notified when you report your outage. If you would like to send more information regarding the causes of your outage, you can do so through the automated system. You can also request an automated call back to notify you that your power has been restored. BECi does not send text alerts regarding outages.

Remember, if you are calling after business hours, you must report your outage through the automated system. Customer service representatives are only available during business hours and after-hours in the case of a widespread outage or significant weather event. Outage cannot be reported via BECi's Facebook page. 


If you are in an emergency situation regarding a power line, please call 911. 


To view BECi's outage map, click here.