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We recognize the significant economic fallout from COVID-19 on local families and businesses. As our community recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, starting on July 16, 2020, we will resume disconnections for accounts with past due balances. We understand that this pandemic was unprecedented and that our members may be facing financial challenges and may have trouble paying their electric bill during this time.

If you have missed payments or have a past-due balance, we want to help.  We are offering our members a variety of repayment plans that will allow for past due balances to be repaid over a 12-month period. The past due balance will not reflect on the member’s credit report if they choose this plan and all late fees have been waived. 

Please read the following information and choose between the three repayment options that are available. After you have made your choice, you MUST call BECi before your due date to let a customer service representative know which option you have chosen. 

If you are NOT a PowerPay user, you may choose from the following three options. 


Option 1: Pay your past due balance in full before the due date.

Past due members will receive a letter in the mail outlining their past due balance and due date. If you do not wish to make a payment arrangement, you will need to pay your balance IN FULL by the indicated due date to avoid disconnection. If you are not able to pay your bill in full, you must choose from the following two options and you MUST call BECi customer service representatives to inform them of your choice. Failure to pay the full amount or to contact the BECi office before the past due date will result in penalties and disconnection of service. 

Option 2: Transfer normal bill to PowerPay

This option is only available to those members who are not already on PowerPay. If you are on PowerPay, click here to see your repayment options. 

If you chose this repayment option, the deposit you paid whenever you established power with Beauregard Electric will be applied to your past due balance. See the example below. 

Past Due Amount Deposit Paid When Establishing Power Amount to be Paid through PowerPay
$500 $300 $200

You will be required to remain on the PowerPay billing option until the entire balance is paid. When your entire past due payment is made, you have the option of remaining on PowerPay or switching back to traditional billing.

If you chose this option, you must call BECi's office BEFORE the indicated due date and make a customer service aware that you have chosen the PowerPay option. You must also complete the PowerPay form and email or fax it to BECi's offices.

Option 3: CARE Repayment Plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial hardship faced by many BECi members, the cooperative established the COVID-19 Arrangement and Relief Extension (CARE) Agreement. If you choose this repayment option, your past due amount will be divided into 12-monthly installments and those installments will be added to your monthly electric bill. All CARE repayment installments must be paid in full by July 2021. See the example below.

Past Due Amount 12-month installment amount Amount to be Paid through CARE Repayment Plan
$500 $41.66 Normal monthly electric bill + $41.66

If the electric bill or repayment amount is not paid at any time between the date of the arrangement and July 16, 2021, the meter will be disconnected for non-payment and all outstanding balances will have to be paid before reconnection. 

If you choose this repayment option, you must contact BECi before the indicated due date and make a customer service representative aware that you have chosen the CARE Repayment option. You and the customer service representative must complete the CARE Agreement Form before you will be considered to be in repayment. 

Option For PowerPay Members: Debt Management

This option is for those members who ARE on PowerPay billing. 

For PowerPay members, your past due balance can be repaid through Debt Management if you are unable to pay your past due amount in full by the due date indicated on your letter. On this plan, a percentage (30-75% depending on the amount owed) of each of your payments will be applied to the past due balance. The past due balance must be paid before July 2021. 

Past Due Amount Percentage of each dollar applied to past due amount Amount Applied to Past Due Amount per $1
$500 50% 50 cents toward past due amount; 50 cents toward regular usage

If you normally pay $40, every week toward your usage, then $20 would go to the $500 past due amount and $20 would go toward PowerPay balance

If you choose this repayment option, you must contact BECi before the indicated due date and make a customer service representative aware that you have chosen the Debt Management option. This is the only repayment option available to PowerPay members if they are unable to pay their balance in full before the due date. 

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