BECi Announces Winners of Essay Contest

BECi Announces Winners of Essay Contest

BECi Announces Winners of Essay Contest, Students Win a Trip to Washington D.C.
February 22, 2018

DeRidder— Beauregard Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BECi), announces the top 15 winners of the 2018 Beauregard Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Essay Contest. Students entered the contest by writing an essay addressing the most important issue facing their generation. BECi received over 50 entries and awarded four of the top 15 winners a trip to Washington, D.C. The winners of the contest who will participate in the Youth Tour are as follows:

  1. Lucy Stark – South Beauregard High School
  2. Gracie Cunningham – South Beauregard High School
  3. Caleb Gore – South Beauregard High School
  4. Jacey Merchant – Pitkin High School

            BECi would also like to offer its congratulations to the following students for placing in the top 15:

  1. Shekinah Jordan, Westlake High School
  2. Austin Wade, DeRidder High School
  3. Kate Cooper, DeRidder High School
  4. Mary Breaux, South Beauregard High School
  5. Madison Thompson, South Beauregard High School
  6. Joshua Colvin, DeRidder High School
  7. Ben Brown, DeRidder High School
  8. Kelly DeHoven, DeRidder High School
  9. Trinity Patton, South Beauregard High School
  10. Colten Denning, DeRidder High School
  11. Emily Ramsey, South Beauregard High School

Billie Stultz, English Teacher at South Beauregard High School, won the $100 teacher incentive for having five or more students submit an essay.

In June, the students will travel to Washington, D.C., where they will join over 1,500 students from 36 states. While in Washington, they will visit the offices of Louisiana's representatives and senators, the U.S. Capitol, the Smithsonian Institution, the Arlington National Cemetery and many other monuments and historical sites.

BECi invites the public to visit the NRECA Youth Tour website to view photos of current and past tours. To keep up with the latest news from BECi, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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